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"The dream wedding", is different for everyone and sometimes details are not that clear, not even in fantasies!
That is why relying on someone else for this special day is both scary (what if they don't understand what I want?) and reassuring (at least there is someone that will give me more than one option!).
You are right about the reassuring part!
We can also take care of the scary part: we like planning a tailor made event based on the couple's needs and requests. After all, it is essential that a special day like this has their own mark.
May it be a classic wedding, themed, a symbolic union or vow renewals, we believe it's important to have us by your side, to advise you and help you make real what you dreamed of avoiding the hustle organising a wedding brings.
We will plan and realise the best solution we worked on together, counting on trusted professionals we worked with for years.
We could work together on the whole project or, if you want, you can trust us for a part of it.

So we hope it won't rain (but if it does we'll have a solution ready for that!)