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Cake Design


Event And Party



In Italy they say "Ogni riccio un capriccio". Meaning curly hair bring whims, a lot of them!
From an early age she loves to do more things at a time.
She learns to cook meatballs from the age of three, she falls asleep with salt dough and hands full of colours, she loves construction games and dreams with telescopes.
With her feet firmly on the ground and her head in the clouds she graduates in aerospace engineering.
She stills cooks meatballs but now in her library you could easily find her recipes book next to the one of gas dynamics.
Her passion for events grows with her. She loves planning everything leaving out any detail. Her schedules are unforgettable.
What else would you expect from an engineer? That she smells of flop era and cotton candy!
She attends cake decorating and floreal design classes; She doesn't overlook any details.
You have to see it to believe it.
She has two sons, a husband and a dog that fill her life with joy.
She covers her curly hair with a hat, always forget to bring an umbrella and hopes. It won't rain.